Becoming a Member


Individuals and organizations may become members of OOTF. After becoming a member, he or she will have voting rights. Guests may attend OOTF meetings and activities, but are not voting members.

To become a member of OOTF, an individual or a representative of an organization must:

  • Attend three meetings over a period of six months as listed on sign-in sheets and in the minutes,
  • Agree to and sign the OOTF Mission Statement and the OOTF Code of Ethics (See Resources.) and
  • Receive approval from the Chair for membership and access to the OOTF listserv

Members must attend in person at least one meeting each calendar year, unless the member has requested a reasonable accommodation that has been approved by the Steering Committee. Members also must participate in at least one OOTF activity within six months.

The Chair will assign a current member to give each new member an orientation that includes the history of OOTF, current publications and activities, a list of committees, the website, and other relevant information. Members should review and understand these documents